Today, doTERRA is offering a free bottle of Marjoram essential oil when you buy one bottle of Melaleuca. The first thought that came to mind was that I had no idea what to use Marjoram oil for. So, I went digging and found with 10 ways to use it. I love learning how to use oils I’m unfamiliar with.Some were very unexpected. Here they are:

  1. Add to your bath to ease and soak away stress. 
  2. Instead of counting sheep, diffuse at bedtime to promote restful sleep.
  3. Add to olive oil for an herbal punch of flavor. Yummy in bread dips!
  4. Use one drop (or dipped toothpick) to replace 2Tbsp of dried marjoram in recipes.
  5. Rub on the bottom of your child’s feet to soothe fussiness and restlessness.
  6. Put one drop into a 4 fluid oz drink to support your immune system.
  7. Use aromatically, topically, or internally to calm and support the nervous system.
  8. Dilute with FCO to rub on stressed muscles before and after you exercise.
  9. When taken internally, marjoram offers cardiovascular support- for the ticker.
  10. Drop on the wall of the shower to support respiratory function and clear airways.

So there you have it. Now I can feel great about taking advantage of doTERRA’s buy one, get one deal!