About the Success System

The Success System was created by IPCs for IPCs to benefit everywhere, having a solid, proven path to build successful essential oil businesses on.

Success Essentials Creators

goddard andy natalieAndy & Natalie Goddard - Share Success CEOs, Success Essentials Authors, Master Success Trainers, Presidential Diamonds

With a passion for empowering individuals and families, Andy and Natalie Goddard feel extremely blessed to head an organization in the largest essential oil company in the world. They desire for everyone to enjoy amazing success and abundance also. They are passionate about personal development, knowing that lasting success is built upon true principles of leadership. They are full of gratitude to work with so many incredible people who inspire them every day. They have a thriving marriage and are the proud parents of 6 amazing children.  Andy and Natalie have been sharing essential oils for 5 years now. They believe that life with the Success System will be much like how much easier things now are with having the Modern Essentials book to understand oil usage. They have spent years creating, preparing, and observing success in the trenches. In response Andy and Natalie have also dedicated much of the past year of their life to creating a system that really works and that can bring greater freedom on all levels to the individuals who apply the Success Essentials.


quinn-curtisQuinn Curtis
- Creative Director, Success Essentials Author, Master Success Trainer, Gold 

With her extensive background and talent, Quinn provided the vision and support to see this project from an idea and a stack of spreadsheets, to the beautiful Success Essentials you now enjoy. Quinn is passionate about the deep transformation possible in sharing essential oils and knows the Success Essentials will provide the structure and foundation to make success a reality for those who apply it’s strategy and principles. Quinn’s specialties in personal branding and niche marketing have supported many of her team in their advancement. Quinn is cheered on by her brilliant husband, Randy, and she is the proud mother of 5 darling children.


Laura JacobsLaura Jacobs - Success Essentials Author, Master Success Trainer, Presidential Diamond

Laura is a passionate, talented health coach who leads a team of amazing leaders who have all been our biggest test groups for applying the strategies and methods in the Success Essentials. With her extensive experience, Laura was a powerful author and implementer of the Success Essentials.  Laura is an amazing wife and the proud mother of 5 beautiful children.




heidi weylandHeidi Weyland - Success Essentials Author, Master Success Trainer, Diamond

Bringing her gifts of structure and simplification, Heidi was immensely helpful in making the Success Essentials extremely user-friendly. She has been instrumental at checking everything to ensure that there is little to no duplication and that each element of the entire system is clear and supports the whole.  Heidi is a loving wife to Richard and the proud mother of 5 wonderful children.





Special Thanks to:

  • Company executives for their vision and integrity
  • Company staff for their support
  • The Giver of the gifts of the earth for everything

Considerable Contributions by:

  • mydopro Team
  • Asti Atkinson
  • James & Chelsea Stevens
  • Brianna & Spencer Coles
  • Deena Jordan
  • Tahna & Justin Lee
  • Andrea & Bryan Huddleston
  • Eve Hewett
  • Heather McKinney-Wiegering, PhD
  • H. Wallace Goddard, PhD
  • Tiffany Peterson
  • Heather Madder
  • Nicola Young
  • Cathy Waalkes
  • Becky Barney
  • Anna Offman
  • Mona Merz
  • Jamie Danforth
  • Heidi Taylor
  • Roger Liston

Design Team:

  • Heather Carson
  • Daniel Hermansen
  • Jonathan Gracey

“Grow” Video

  • Amy Schmitt
  • Spencer Burnside
  • Alan Curtis

Much gratitude also to the test groups, as well as the small army of incredible volunteers who spent countless hours supporting this labor of love!