Take the Success Challenge!

It’s time to engage!! Reach your doTERRA goals by participating in a Success Challenge! Those who have completed the success challenge are seeing huge growth and duplication on their teams.

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Success CycleWhat is the Success Challenge?
The challenge involves completion of each of the 12 Core Actions of the Lead Training Guide (Use, Live, Create, Plan, Share, Invite, Present, Enroll, Follow-Up, Strategize, Mentor, Nurture), as well as active implementation of the foundational building strategies. Points are received for completing each portion of the training, but bonus points are given based on putting the principles into action. Points are tallied each Monday night at midnight MDT to determine Success Trained Certification and standings.

What are the prizes?

  1. Everyone who completes the Success Challenge with 600+ points will receive an eBook Lead Training Guide.
  2. Everyone who completes the Success Challenge with 500+ points will receive a certificate and a pin verifying they are “Success Trained.”
  3. Other great prizes offered by your team leaders.
  4. The greatest prize of all – the growth of your team!

How long does the Success Challenge go?
This is a 12-week challenge:
Start: Dec 2, 2013 (Week 1, 2, & 3 Forms are all due Dec 30 at midnight MDT)
Use the week of Christmas (Dec 22-29) to complete any unfinished items (like Create worksheets)
Finish: Jan 11, 2014

Are There Multiple Success Challenges?
Yes! The Goddard team (Success Challenge Club) and the Jared Winger team (Team Obundance) each have their own Challenge. If you are in one of those groups, then that’s your challenge group. The links to each challenge are at http://challenge.sharesuccess.com. If you don’t know which team you’re on, click here. A new challenge starts on the first Monday of each month.

What if I am in One Group and Want to Join a New Challenge?
You’re welcome to join one of the new challenges. If you’re in the Pre-Launch group and making good progress, we suggest you keep progressing with your group. If you’re just getting the hang of it and would like to start over, you can join a new challenge. If you have team members joining a new challenge, it is useful to join the new challenge so you can see your team’s forms. If you join a new challenge, your points will not be transferred – you would need to complete the forms again in the new challenge. You can only receive prizes from one challenge.

What are the benefits of participating in the Success Challenge?
Now is a great time to maximize your business growth. Take advantage of momentum from Convention as you set and reach goals to grow your business. Also, everyone who completes the Sprint will receive a certificate and a pin verifying that they have been “Success Trained,” giving them the competitive edge in enrolling others, especially into doing a doTERRA business. Those who desire can go on to become a Success Trainer, and completing the Challenge is the first step.

Who can participate in the Success Challenge?
Anyone on any team can participate in the Success Challenge Launch! If you’re outside our team, fill out this form and you’ll get an email once your account has been created.

What is required to do the challenge?
1. The Lead Guide
2. Internet access and an up-to-date browser
3. An account at http://challenge.sharesuccess.com
4. Other tools will be required to get full points (Modern Essentials, sample vials, Class Handouts, etc.)

Watch the Launch Webinar >>

Register for the Challenge here: http://challenge.sharesuccess.com

Hear from others about their experience with the Success Challenge:
“Participating in the Success Challenge has been a game-changer for our team. Everyone has become empowered as leaders and the mentoring calls are 10 times more productive. Anyone that wants to have a successful business should utilize this tool.” – Christy Fechser, doTERRA Gold

“Before the Success Challenge, my email, phone, and text were all bursting at the seams. Our team was growing (which was awesome) but I always felt like there was more training needed. Lots of people still didn’t know exactly what to be working on and were seeking more direction than I felt I could give. There was a lot of need for the basics, so we created a 90-day contest to take our team through the training with the Success Challenge. More than anything, our team came together in such a powerful way because of the value of everyone collaborating and cheering each other on. Our first time through the challenge, our team grew by a third. Now, as we are doing another 90-day Success Challenge, we are continuing to grow and our retention rate is staying strong. It has been like plugging my team into a GPS: they are growing and advancing because they have been given what they need to know, have, do, and be to succeed. Leaders are lighting the fire for their entire team! An amazing community has been created with everyone encouraging each other’s vision, goals, and wins.” – Brianna Coles, doTERRA Blue Diamond

“The Success Challenge has helped me in so many ways! I went from Manager to Executive. I made $200 instead of my usual $20. I was motivated to hold 12 classes instead of my usual 0. The greatest benefit has come in learning to do the daily tasks. It is now a habit to contact new people everyday, do follow-ups everyday, and connect with leaders everyday. This challenge has helped me to be ‘all in’ and I’m so grateful!” - Taylene Halverson, doTERRA Executive

“The Success Challenge helped me to develop daily habits that have helped me stay focused on my goals and my team. It was the ‘push’ that I needed to take my business to the next level. I was able to progress to two levels and take my little team from 2000 OV to almost 6000 OV! The Success Binder is helpful and an incredible tool, however taking each step one at a time per week, helped to really study them in depth and understand that skill. I am planning on having every one of my new leaders start this program, and I am going to go through it again myself! Thank you!!” – Wendy Bunnell, doTERRA Silver (started her first challenge as an Executive and ended as a Premier; now doing her second challenge, starting as a Silver)

Register here: http://challenge.sharesuccess.com



  1. Maritza Bulger - August 24, 2013, 11:50 pm Reply

    As I read the pages of “Lead Doterra Success Simplyfied” guide, I feel inspired to dedicate myself listen to my inner voice and go do….

  2. Nisha Riggs - August 26, 2013, 4:19 am Reply

    I’m SO grateful to you all for putting this together. I love the way the new Lead guide reads like an inspiring book and so grateful for this online tool to help myself and my team be more accountable for our goals. The site is so user friendly and really helps me implement everything I need to be doing in my business. THANK YOU!!!!!

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