Introducing: Train By Rank Success Challenges!

The Success Challenge is now able to meet you where you are! Each Success Challenge is built based on where you currently are, and where you want to be!

Up until now, there was only a 90-day Success Challenge, which was a “one size fits all” approach to training and rank advancement. While we will continue to offer the 90-day Success Challenge, now there is a challenge just for you! Here are the additional challenges that are now available:

Live-317x176 1. Live the Wellness Lifestyle
Learn to live the wellness lifestyle by integrating doTERRA into your day!
Open to all Wellness Advocates.
elite-317x176 2. Success Challenge to Elite
Achieve the rank of Elite so you can earn your products for free!
This is the foundation to all the other rank challenges.
Open to all Wellness Advocates.
premier-317x176 3. Success Challenge to Premier
Learn to achieve Premier as you guide others to live a wellness lifestyle and earn their products for free.
Open to Elites and above.
silver-317x176 4. Success Challenge to Silver
Achieve Silver to empower your leaders to lead, and to supplement your income.
Open to Premiers and above.
gold-317x176 5. Success Challenge to Gold
Achieve Gold so your leaders are empowered and duplicate powerful success habits.
Open to Silvers and above.
platinum-diamond-317x176 6. Success Challenge to Platinum/Diamond
Achieve Platinum and Diamond to empower your leaders to suppliment their income & you create replacement income, influence the physical, emotional and financial abundance of all your leaders and team.
Open to Golds and above.
blue-presidential-317x176 7. Success Challenge to Blue/Presidential
Advance to Blue and Presidential Diamond and beyond to create a legacy of wellness and abundance.
Open to Diamonds and above.


appNow available as an app!
iOS (iPhone or iPad)

What are the Success Essentials Challenges?
The Success Essentials Challenges provide a step-by-step guide to growing in dōTERRA. From living the wellness lifestyle to achieving the highest rank, the Challenges provide the training and actions in a checklist format to support your progress. Points are received for completing each portion of the training, but bonus points are given based on putting the principles into action. Points are tallied each Monday night at midnight MDT to help you track your progress.

How long does each Success Challenge go?
Each of the new challenges contains 4 weeks of training, plus “Strength Training” until you achieve that rank. For example, if you are in the Share to Elite challenge, you would complete the 4 weeks of training, and then continue reporting your success habits and more in-depth training until you achieve Elite, then you can move on to the Build to Premier challenge!
The 90-Day Success Challenge is 13 weeks long.
Start: The first monday of each month.

Are there multiple Success Challenges?
Yes! The Goddard team (Success Challenge Club) and the Jared Winger team (Team Obundance) each have their own Challenge. If you are in one of those groups, then that’s your challenge group. The links to each challenge are at If you don’t know which team you’re on, click here. A new challenge starts on the first Monday of each month.

What if I am in one challenge and want to join a new challenge?
You’re welcome to join one of the new challenges.If you’re just getting the hang of it and would like to start over, you can join a new challenge. If you have team members joining a new challenge, it is useful to join the new challenge so you can see your team’s forms. If you join a new challenge, your points will not be transferred – you would need to complete the forms again in the new challenge. You can only receive prizes from one challenge.

Who can participate in the Success Challenge?
Anyone on any team in dōTERRA can participate in the Success Challenge Launch!

What is required to do the challenge?
1. Internet access and an up-to-date browser
2. An account at
3. Other tools will be required to get full points (Modern Essentials, sample vials, Class Handouts, etc.)

Register for the Challenge here:



  1. Maritza Bulger - August 24, 2013, 11:50 pm Reply

    As I read the pages of “Lead Doterra Success Simplyfied” guide, I feel inspired to dedicate myself listen to my inner voice and go do….

  2. Nisha Riggs - August 26, 2013, 4:19 am Reply

    I’m SO grateful to you all for putting this together. I love the way the new Lead guide reads like an inspiring book and so grateful for this online tool to help myself and my team be more accountable for our goals. The site is so user friendly and really helps me implement everything I need to be doing in my business. THANK YOU!!!!!

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