If you have contacts in other markets, you can assist them by giving them an oil experience
and then sharing additional education. Start there and continue to create value and answer
questions. The door is open for you to build a team anywhere you would like. Be wise about
where you focus your efforts. Focus in on who needs the product the most as well as markets
where sharers and builders might experience the most success. Open or NFR markets are
typically the best areas to focus. Countries consistently transition from Global Access to NFR
and then to OTG, so this list will be evolving.

OPEN or OTG (On The Ground)

  • Company has an office that serves that country.
  • Company ships orders.
  • Company pays distributors via U.S. check, direct deposit, or ProPay MasterCard in their local currency, through the local office, in the most acceptable form available to individuals in that market. .
  • Products are registered in the country and can be retailed.

NFR (Not for Resale)

  • Company ships orders to customers in that country. Shipping is subsidized.
  • Depending on the market, Company pays distributors through AR Balance (additional product purchases), U.S. Check, ProPay MasterCard, or wire transfer.
  • Products are not registered in the country and cannot be retailed.


  • Distributors enroll people even in remote countries. Requires a US ship to address of Wellness Advocate or freight forwarder.
  • Distributors or freight forwarders ship orders to customers.
  • Commissions earned by distributors are deposited into the distributors account (AR Balance) and can request a check or product redemption periodically.
  • Products are not registered in the country and cannot be retailed.

Open Markets:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. Japan
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Malaysia
  7. Mexico
  8. Singapore
  9. South Korea
  10. Taiwan
  11. United Kingdom
  12. USA

NFR Markets:

  1. Costa Rica
  2. European Union
  3. French Polynesia
  4. Guatemala
  5. Iceland
  6. New Zealand
  7. Puerto Rico
  8. Norway
  9. Switzerland

Global Access Markets:

  1. Russia
  2. South America
  3. All other countries

To enroll a new distributor in the Global Access program:

1. Log in to your back office:
2. Go to Wellness Advocate Services > Register a New Wellness Advocate
3. Select Global Access Country from the dropdown menu
4. Fill in new Wellness Advocate info including the Shipping Address with the US address that it will be shipped to. Company can ship orders directly to you or one of your team leaders or company can ship to a freight forwarder that will ship (for a fee) to your distributor in a Global Access market.


The following markets still have Founders’ Clubs positions available:
Hong Kong
New Zealand

International Share Success Websites: