Learn How to Clear The Clutter

Learn How to Clear The Clutter

The Path to Personal Development As the final quarter of the year comes to a close, we have the opportunity to clear out the old to make room for the new. This idea can be applied to cleaning the physical clutter in our homes, but more importantly the mental and...
10 Ways to Use doTERRA Marjoram Essential Oil

10 Ways to Use doTERRA Marjoram Essential Oil

Today, doTERRA is offering a free bottle of Marjoram essential oil when you buy one bottle of Melaleuca. The first thought that came to mind was that I had no idea what to use Marjoram oil for. So, I went digging and found with 10 ways to use it. I love learning how...
doTERRA’s DIY Hair Conditioner Recipe

doTERRA’s DIY Hair Conditioner Recipe

Are you a do-it-yourself-er? Weekend alchemist? Here is a new way to experiment with your doTERRA essential oils. For this recipe, choose from Peppermint, Rosemary, Geranium, Lavender, or Clary Sage or feel free to mix-and-match any of these 5 essential oils. Natural...
12 Smart Ways to Increase LRP Orders

12 Smart Ways to Increase LRP Orders

Are you seeing LRP orders declining? Here are 10 ways to pump up the volume.

1. Ask users the right questions- “What oils are your favorite?” “What’s been working for you? Another great question is “What oils are you NOT using?” This is an important question for many reasons. If they don’t know how to use what they have, they won’t feel the need to order more. Converted users stay on LRP because they incorporate the products into their lifestyle.

2. Share how you use the oils- Have conversations about the many ways you use doTERRA oils throughout your day.

3. Post on social media- Use your social media groups and pages to share oil usages, recipes, and testimonials.

4. Send a text reminder- Send a short but sweet text reminder before the 15th about doTERRA Oil of the Month and other promotions.

5. Offer Incentives- If they order a target amount on their LRP, they get a free or discounted product from you.

6. Host a Lunch-and-Learn- Invite your team to join you on Zoom for an informative product training. Help them become aware of new products and how to use existing products. Have topics like- Hair Care, Skin Care, Supplements, etc.

7. Build relationships- Have a Make-n-Take party, go to lunch, go bowling, or take the kids to the park. Keep it casual. You don’t even need to talk business. The important thing is to grow relationships.

8. Serve your team- As you serve those on your team, they will feel your love for them. When they know you truly care, you are building your relationships.

9. Use Apps- Amplify is doTERRA’s new social media sharing app. Share Success Pro helps you educate, guide, and follow-up like a rockstar!

10. Promote supplements- Help others to see the value in taking daily supplements. Once they see the benefits of using them daily, they will want to order them on their LRP.

11. The power of intention- Set a goal for the team volume you want. Send your intention out into the universe and remind yourself daily of the goal you want to achieve. It will become a part of your positive mindset.

12. Customer appreciation calls- Make phone calls to thank your team members for being an important asset to your team. Re-engage with inactive customers, share what oils you are loving, offer an incentive with a time limit, etc. (Scripts are available at www.sharesuccess.com/library)

Ylang-Ylang- Not Just Another Pretty Flower

Ylang-Ylang- Not Just Another Pretty Flower

Let’s talk about one of our favorite doTERRA essential oils—Ylang Ylang! The unique, sweet, and uplifting scent of Ylang Ylang essential oil makes it a must-have in any essential oil collection. Ylang Ylang is often used in diffuser blends because it has a rich,...

doTERRA’s Healing Hands and Mentors International Help Relieve Poverty in Ghana

Meet Naomi, a single mother of two in a small remote village in Ghana.
At age 5, she got an infection which led to her severe disability. She is the sole provider for herself and her 2 children. Because of her disability, banks wouldn’t lend her money to start a business.
About a year ago, her son went to Mentors International and told them her story. Since she physically couldn’t come to Mentor’s office, they came to her to give her business training.
Mentors gave her a first loan of 500 GHS ($125) to start her own “convenience store” with 6 months to repay. Naomi was trained by Mentors and connected with better suppliers which reduced her costs. Naomi was able to repay her first loan in only 3 months.
Naomi took out her second loan from Mentors for 1500 GHS ($375), bought a fridge, improved her customer service, and again repaid her loan in only 3 months.
I’m honored to be able to support the partnership between Mentor’s International and doTERRA’s Healing Hands. A small gift on our part unlocks the chains of poverty for Naomi and thousands like her.