Ask More, Talk Less

Ask More, Talk Less

The thoughts you are thinking about affect every area of your life. Your thoughts have creative power. Jack Canfield has a formula that says Events + Response = Outcome. We have the choice of how we respond. We can turn a negative into a positive.

Caller Concern- How can I close a sale without seeming “sale-sy?”

Coaches Advice- Ask more questions during the presentation. Ask how long their health concerns have been an issue. The more they can engage in the presentation, the easier it is to close. “Ask more, talk less.” Make your offer 3/4 of the way through the presentation. Always end your class on inspiration, such as sharing a heartfelt story or showing a video. The Law of the Harvest is a good choice. (

Caller Concern- I travel often and meet lots of people. How do I follow-up with people I casually meet?

Coaches Advice- Utilize the new Share Success Pro app. It does the work for you when it comes to following up. ( Ask questions like “I’m just curious… what are your greatest health concerns for you or your family members?” You don’t need to share too much information. Ask if they would be willing to try a sample oil and if it would be okay if you followed up with them. Ask for their contact information and which is their preferred method of communication. You are planting seeds.

Caller Concern- I enrolled a new WA who said she wanted to build her doTERRA business. Her first order got messed up and now she doesn’t want to build because she’s lost confidence in the company.

Coaches Advice- Let it go.Sometimes companies and humans make mistakes. Let her know you are sorry that happened, but move on. She will feel the energy you put out. It’s like when a child falls down. If the parent makes a fuss, so will the child. If you are cool and calm about it, your energy will set the tone. Tell her that you have worked with doTERRA and they are an incredible company that you have confidence in. Remember that one person does not determine your destiny. If people want to find reasons to bail, then there is a blessing in that because now you know their level of commitment. Choose to show up with energy that what happened is not a deal breaker.

Caller Concern- How do I get people on LRP?

Coaches Advice- Converted users are natural sharers. Most people join doTERRA just to use the products. We need to make sure they are using their oils or they won’t feel like they need to buy any more. If they are using their oils they will naturally share their love of them with others and in turn purchase oils because they know how to use them.

You can help create your tribe and foster a sense of community when you interact with others. Plan some get-togethers or a BBQ. Have some fun summer classes with Make-n-Takes. Nurture relationships. Allow a gestation period for people to move and grow. A baby takes 9 months to grow before the joyous day of their birth. We are always planting seeds.

Staying Connected

Staying Connected

Andy reminded everyone to register for the Global Success Summit. You can find the event on the calendar at select it and it will lead you to the registration page. Top leaders will be presenting business training at the Summit as opposed to doTERRA’s product focused training.

Tiffany shared 3 tips on how to grow your business. 1. Make self-care/self-development a part of your daily regimen. 2. Show up in relationships to serve and support others. 3. Ask great questions and have crucial conversations. Caller Concern- When leading a business opportunity focused class, what are some good questions to ask?

Coaches Advice- Have them take notes. The more people you engage, the higher the number who convert. Have them turn to the person next to them and have them ask each other questions. For example- What are your top 3 health concerns you or someone in your family is currently having? How long have they been an issue? What other areas of your life would you like to see changes in? What would you like to experience more of? You can ask these questions about the business opportunity. Keep it interactive. Ask- Would you like to change lives and make a difference in the world? Use the Build Guide and videos that show Humanitarian efforts within doTERRA.

Caller Concern- How do I share the doTERRA message when I only have 15-20 minutes?

Coaches Advice- Share products. Let let experience the oils. Don’t try to jam 90 minutes into 20. Get them interested. Ask them questions about their top health concerns.

Caller Concern- How do I let people know via social media that doTERRA is a way to leave a lasting family legacy for generations?

Coaches advice- Post a link to the Build video which shares the story of creating a financial pipeline. Post questions like- Are you ready to change lives and get paid for it? Are you ready to make a difference in the world? Are you ready to change your life, the lives of your children and their children? Are you ready to answer prayers by delivering the message of healing oils?

Caller Concern- On my journey of growth, I feel resistance from others who knew my former self. I’d like to lead others on a self-awareness journey without being pushy.

Coaches Advice- People are uncomfortable with you because they are not aware yet. It takes time to build awareness. We have the option to keep going or hold back. Sometimes there is distance created when one person grows faster than the other. The truth is that when you choose in to moving forward, keep going and don’t hold back. Stand your ground. As you do, others will join you. When resistance surfaces and doubts arise, love unconditionally. The fear of the unknown is scary. We crave certainty and familiarity. When one spouse sees the other growing, fears may surface. They may be afraid that the other spouse may not want them anymore. You need to reassure them that you aren’t going to leave them because of the new changes. Resistance is the face of fear. Reinforce your partnership with love.

Book Suggestion: Loving What Is by Byron Katie

Caller Concern- How do I follow-up with people in an organized way?

Coaches Advice- Subscribe to the Share Success Pro app. You put in your contacts and they will get automated texts and emails from you. You get your own business phone number. You choose a tract to put them on depending on their needs. The app takes care of the follow-up for you. It will prompt you when to call. You can manage prospects, current customers, and builders. Andy has consulted with psychology experts to create relationship language within the app. This a time-saving and organizational tool that eases your stress surrounding following up.

Takeaways- Now that it’s summer, we tend to downshift a couple of gears. Don’t let your revenue activities lack. Connect with family at reunions. Build relationships and serve others. There’s no reason to lose the precious momentum we’ve built into our businesses. Be strategic in setting aside time for your business. Try not to allow your business to become a hobby. Take action on the ideas that come into your mind.

Shift Your Mindset

Shift Your Mindset

Sometimes people get stuck. They know how to struggle but they don’t know how to thrive. We tend to gravitate to what is familiar. We can ask ourselves “Do I trust myself to handle success?”
Summer time is here and the kids are out of school. We have a relaxed mindset and we go off schedule. We don’t want our business to take a vacation. Tiffany has a video on youtube called ‘Office Hours for the Entrepreneur.’ Be the architect of your summer by figuring out where your doTERRA business fits into your life. We still need to be productive. Setting intentions for the summer will help you stay focused. You’ll be meeting interesting new people and reconnecting with family and friends. Take advantage of these situations.

Andy talked about the NEW Share Success Pro App. He calls it digital CRM on steroids. The app is customized for individual needs. You put prospects into the app, for example, people you shared samples with. The app sends follow-up texts for you. There are different tracks that are personalized to each experience you are sharing. Everything is automated. It’s $20. per month and if you pay for the whole year there’s a discount. Everyone is on their mobile device. There is so much value in this new app. Remember, “the fortune is in the follow-up!” You can be a follow-up Rock Star! To get the Share Success Pro app, go to:

Caller Concern- I’m living in overwhelm. There are too many demands and not enough time for the important things.

Coaches Advice- Maybe a shift in mindset is needed. Try not to set unrealistic expectations that everything has to be perfect. We can’t do it all. It’s really about priority management. What activities have the highest return on investment? Do those. Try time blocking 60-90 minutes without distractions to crank out work. Set aside time for business, chores, self care, etc. Perfect balance doesn’t exist. Learn what your key distractions are and manage them. Choose your priorities, be clear on them, and control your time.

Book Suggestion: Essentialism by Greg Mckeown
Video Suggestion: Take Your Time Back by Tiffany Peterson

Caller Concern- I’m starting a ministry with oils. I feel blocked in my thinking that adding oils to my message will dilute the message.

Coaches Advice- Have the oils been valuable in your healing journey? (Yes) You have a desire to serve others. Are these blocks because you may be worried about selling them a product? (Yes…) Your block may be that if you are a person of faith, you’re not allowed to be successful. Can a person of faith have financial success? These oils are, as Natalie calls them, Liquid Light. We bless others lives with the oils. Ask yourself ‘Is this a divine gift or not?’ We all care what other people think. If we are anxiously worried about that then we are in trouble. We need to honor our heart and ministry. Did Jesus fit in? No. He was willing to stand out. Are we? Burn bright and be seen. Take ownership. Money is a form of stewardship. Be open to the mindset that it is OK to make money even as a spiritual person.

Caller Concern- How do I handle the culture of doTERRA which gives incentives in such large ways? New WA’s don’t have the means to offer these huge give-a-ways on social media. They are doing it the wrong way.

Coaches Advice- There are 3 Businesses, your business, God’s business, and other people’s business. Judging others won’t serve you. People ultimately buy from people they know and trust. Allow others to do their business the way they want. Social media sends us into comparison mode. Be aware of being judgmental. It’s a heavy energy to make someone else wrong. Everyone does things in their own way. We need to allow that. Examine your beliefs which may sound like ‘ I can’t compete with the give-a-ways that others are doing on social media. People who have more money are more successful.’ Is it true that you can’t compete with them? When you believe that, how do you react? It’s energy draining. Who would you be without that belief? A weight would be lifted and you would be more free. Turn the belief around. ‘I can compete. I’m having successes without the give-a-ways. I’m bringing value to others.’
Comparisons are a black hole. Feel your worth in what you are creating.

Take-away- How do I choose priorities? How do I change my mindset? What do I need to focus and work on? How can I make decisions and choices that move me forward?

Go For Depth

Go For Depth

Andy shared his strategy for time management. He said instead of trying to find balance, go for depth. Be fully present with who we are with in the moment. Go deep. Serving others in the moment brings immediate rewards. Tiffany touched upon the fact that we all experience growing pains in the face of the fear of the unknown. There is excitement that comes with growth but so does fear and discomfort. This is normal.

Caller Concern- I want to start a meet-up group with people from other teams to collaborate efforts and share ideas. What guidelines should be set to protect leads?

Coaches Advice- Great forward thinking. In a business training setting there is low risk for problems to arise because you will be covering common topics. When creating recruiting events, good planning is key. In order to track leads and where they came from, you could have a sign-up sheet asking for their name, phone number, email address, and who invited them or how they found out about the class. If you are inviting people who has no ties to anyone in the group, that’s when it gets dicey. You’ll need to find a way to determine who gets the lead. Create safety measures to protect leads. There is a great cross-team collaborative spirit with doTERRA. Work it out in advance.

Caller Concern- I’m afraid of asking people about their health. When someone tells me about their major health concern, I don’t know how to respond. How can I overcome this fear? I feel like I’m being nosy.

Caller Advice- Do you have confidence that oils can change people’s lives? Most people are thinking about their own needs. If you want to serve other people, be interested in their needs. Ask more questions and show up interested and in the space of service. You will stand out as a person who cares. You don’t have to be their doctor or an expert on all health concerns. You could look up answers together. Change your mindset to one of service rather than fear.

Caller Concern- I spend so much time with my doTERRA business that my housework is suffering.

Coaches Advice- You are navigating the balance between home and business. There is never a perfect balance. We need to determine our top priorities. “Within every blessing is a burden, and within every burden is a blessing.” (Joel Osteen) Try time blocking to schedule in cleaning time. Determine how much energy you have for the tasks in front of you. We need to set realistic expectations. Get back to a place of peaceful alignment.

Caller Concern- I quit my job to do doTERRA full-time. It was going great at first but now the money has run out and people stopped signing up. My energy is low and not positive.

Coaches Advice- Be in a space of grace and gratitude. When we first start using the oils we are in the honeymoon stage. We want to share them with everyone. After a while our energy shifts and our business mindset creeps in. We need to get back to those feelings we had at the beginning. . We need an energy shift to get the excitement back. Service and self care are at the core. Some affirmations are- I allow myself to receive and I allow myself to be supported. Energy doesn’t lie. Time to turn it around.

Caller Concern- Most of the people I share oil with only want to try one oil and buy retail. I give out a lot of samples. Am I giving too much away?

Coaches Advice- One way to follow up from giving away samples is to hold regularly scheduled classes. That way you have something to invite them to. Each time you give a sample, ask if you can follow up with them in a couple of days to see how the samples are working. You can also have classes on Zoom- a virtual based online webinar space where you can meet with people who live far away. You can still celebrate with those who are just starting their journey with one oil.

Reframe Your Fear

Reframe Your Fear

Tiffany spoke about fear. When we are on the path of growth and success, fear creeps in. How often are we held hostage by the fear of what other people think of us? Fear comes up for everyone. Fear is feedback. Feelings are not fact. What-if’s are fears. Be conscious that fear is a part of growth. “New level, new devil.” When we are on the cusp of a rank advancement or a breakthrough, we need to reframe our fear. Ask, “Is this feeling a warning or is this fear about growth?” Try not to get stuck in the waiting game. We sometimes get ready, to get ready, to get ready, etc… There comes a time to move forward in order to evolve.

Caller Concern- I keep telling myself that everything I do is such a struggle. I want to rewrite my story.

Coaches Advice- Are you willing to make a new decision? To decide means to cut off from. You are putting a new stake in the ground. Change happens when we make and then apply the decision. Lessons come to us as our souls progress. These struggles are practice for navigating life. You can have a shift if you choose to. If we reinforce our story that life is hard, we stay stuck. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Foster a kind and compassionate story. Remind yourself that life and God have your back. Ask yourself “What new lenses do I want to see my life through?” Affirmations can remind you that life is working in your favor. Track gratitude in a journal to help retrain your mind to connect to the positive. Start to trust your intuition. Self-trust is fostered by self-care. It is critical to trust ourselves and God.

Caller Concern- How do I jumpstart my business while traveling?

Coaches Advice- Connect with people. Nurture relationships and friendships. Network with the many available resources we have- meet-up groups, social media, book clubs, girl’s night out, etc… Expand your reach.

Caller Concern- Do I need to be more knowledgeable about the products before I approach businesses?

Coaches Advice- “Treat your business as a business, not a hobby.” People are people no matter what their profession. Our mindset thinks we have to step up our game due to their profession. What we need to do is understand people by asking them more questions. Ask- “What can I do to support you?”or “What are your productivity needs?” People buy into what you’re sharing on an emotional level. It’s what you’re asking that matters, not what you’re telling. Meeting the needs of others is more important than product information.

Caller Concern- My team call went bad when boundaries between business and friendship got crossed. I felt attacked. There was finger pointing and yelling.

Coaches Advice- It’s hard to separate friendship and business. We move into fight or flight. It’s coming up to be healed. Have a private conversation about what happened in an effort to understand why she got upset. Talk to your team to explain what happened. Tell them you are sorry that they were part of the confrontation and that you are working through things with the other person. You can’t change what happened but you can set up how things can happen going forward. Calm is the best way to show up.

Book Suggestions: Crucial Conversations by Al Switzler, Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, and Ron McMillan Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute