SHARE the doTERRA lifestyle with others

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The Share Phase involves mastering the following three Core Actions:

  1. PLAN: Turn your goals into an executable plan. Learn how to use your time more effectively to create success. Map out how you plan to share essential oils and host classes to educate others. Fuel your plans and actions by engaging in daily personal development.
  2. SHARE: Learn how to share dōTERRA essential oils effectively by meeting others’ needs and guiding them through a natural process of support. Connect with others by sharing your story and confidently sharing what you do. Strive to share dōTERRA with 2+ contacts daily.
  3. INVITE: Invite those you’ve shared with to learn more about dōTERRA by attending a class or by meeting with you one-on-one. Support them by reminding, using the natural Success Path. Stay motivated, learn more strategies, and receive new ideas by participating in your team’s weekly call.

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Use the Share Guide to Support Others in the Share Phase

Identifies best strategies to share doTERRA, as well as showing incentives for hosting and having successful classes. To be given when someone desires to share doTERRA by hosting a class or doing one-on-one presentations.

share guide

Support those who desire to share doTERRA with this step-by-step guide.

  • • Leads through the process of effectively sharing; inspires building
  • • Sets up hosts and builders for sharing success
  • • Teaches powerful ways to follow-up
  • • Supports effective classes with well-prepared attendees – Powerfully supports effective conversations about sharing & building


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