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Creating the Success System has been a process of refinement to give you the very best!

After months of bringing together years of experience, last September we released version 1.0 of the Success System at the Share doTERRA University event.  As people began using the system and we continued our quest to deliver the very best in proven training and tools, we received excellent feedback and insights. This led us to refine more, using test groups and gathering even more amazing feedback to integrate. We then released Success System 2.0 at the “Night of Sweet Success” in March of 2013.

Since that time, we’ve found some missing pieces and have seen how to create much more clarity. Now, at the end of this process of gathering data for three years, testing, and implementing the system for over a year, we’re excited and confident to bring you the very best solution in the Success System 3.0.

cover lead 3hole binder

We’ve brought the key components of the 2.0 Success Binder together in the 4th and final part: the Lead guide. The Lead Guide brings together the Training and Tools sections, organized in chronological order, to show you every step along the way in becoming a leader in doTERRA. This highlights all of the crucial actions to take and how everything comes together, creating a process that supports your growth and is easily duplicable. Because doTERRA has a complex offering, it’s been a big process to simplify this down and still have all of the key components included that will help you understand how to share doTERRA in a powerful way.

Why are There 2 Different Versions of the Lead Training Guide?

In creating the Lead Guide, we wanted to create a way for the Training and Tools to be much easier to share, especially with new builders. To do this, we wanted to create a more affordable starting point. We found that everyone used and needed the Training and Tools portions, but only some made use of the Planning and People pages. We’ve responded to the need and brought the training to you at a very affordable price in two different, easy-to-use formats: 1. a three-hole drilled paper version to fit into any existing or new leather Success Binder and 2. a soft-bound book (ideal for passing out multiple copies and using for training purposes). These are now available at regular outlets and with a quantity discount at the doTERRA Pro Marketplace. Choose the version that suits you best.

cover lead softbound

What is the Success System?

The Success System is defined by the 4 major guides – LIVE, SHARE, BUILD, and LEAD – and their accompanying training and tools. The guides coordinate with each of the 4 phases of the Success Cycle.


Here is an overview of the function and features of each guide:

  1. Live Guide – Outlines how to learn more (online and print resources), buy more (retail, standard wholesale, and the Loyalty Rewards Program), and receive support with doTERRA. Ideal to be given at enrollment.
  2. Share Guide – Identifies best strategies to share doTERRA, as well as showing incentives for hosting and having successful classes. To be given when someone desires to share doTERRA by hosting a class or doing one-on-one presentations.
  3. Build Guide – Supports an IPC in deciding on building a doTERRA business. Outlines the 1st steps in building, as well as helping them set strong goals. Also has a place to track their building efforts and advancement. To be given when someone is interested in building a doTERRA business.
  4. Lead Guide – Combines all of the best training and tools to know how to build a successful doTERRA business. To be given when someone is ready to receive training and use proven strategies to build strong. Is also great to use as the guide for regular team trainings.
  5. Action Pack – All consumable people and calendar pages to go in the Success Binder.

Do I need to Upgrade My Success Binder?

Success System 2.0 (launched March 7, 2013)
doTERRA-Pro-Success-Binder-2 No. Continue using your 2.0 edition as it works for you. Much of the Success System has remained the same. The big difference is that MUCH more has been added. The new content and tools are AMAZING, so they will definitely support you in your doTERRA business as you choose to access them. You may find it valuable to adjust the order of your binder’s Training and Tools sections to match the order found in the 3.0 Success System’s Lead Guide. To do this, simply download the index on this page. Use the key at the bottom of the page to assist you in knowing what pages are new, what pages have been significantly adjusted and where to find the pages in your 2.0 Success Binder. When you’re ready to upgrade and share the training and tools with your team, the new pricing will support this being a more affordable and smooth transition.

Success System 1.0 (launched September 13, 2012)
success binder 1 You may want to consider upgrading to this most recent version. Much of the training and quite a few of the tools are very similar to that version, but there have been enough changes that you are not receiving the full measure of training and tools available to you by sticking with what you have. Also, it will be difficult for you to train your team using the 2.0 Success Binder due to them being unable to purchase any version of the Success System except 3.0 due to all previous versions being sold out within months (or less) of launching. New Lead Training Guides only cost $20, making it very affordable to upgrade your Success System to 3.0.

Why is this changing again?

In our desire to bring the absolute best of all the tools, training, and strategies, along with all of the incredible feedback we received, we knew we couldn’t keep giving you a product that we didn’t feel was the absolute best that it could be.  We decided to make these adjustments now (before everyone got too used to the older versions) so you could benefit by having the latest and greatest to guide you in your business building efforts.

Will it keep changing?

In short, no. The intention of creating the Lead Guide was to create a complete book that wouldn’t need to change except annual minor adjustments. We want you to have training and tools you can trust. This means this is the last major change for this system. However, as policies and strategies change, we will continue adjusting and enhancing the Success System to meet everyone’s needs. Any adjustments will be made on a yearly basis.

What Changes Have Been Made?

The 3.0 Success System Lead Guide provides an overview of any document changes from the 2.0 Success Binder. Click on the image of the index below to download a copy of the index for your reference.

index preview

Other adjustments made to 3.0:

  • Several training videos have been moved to the Core Action where they made more sense and fit better
  • More content and instruction have been added to most of the Core Action training sections
  • New pages and exercises to enhance the training
  • A host rewards program to multiple your classes and referrals

New pages added to 3.0:

  • Affirmation Statements
  • Be a Great Leader
  • Be the CEO
  • Book a Class
  • Build Your Belief
  • Call to Lead
  • Choose Abundance
  • Choose Your Success
  • Discover Your Gifts
  • Dream Big Brainstorm
  • Dreams to Goals
  • Enrollment Guide
  • Expand Your Dreams
  • Find Your Fire
  • Find Your Target Market
  • Follow-Up Guide
  • Goals to Statements
  • International Expansion
  • Invest for Success
  • Introduction
  • Personality Types
  • Product Order Form
  • Power Mentoring
  • See Your Brilliance
  • Success at Home
  • Success Path
  • Team Call Guide
  • Wellness Wishlist

2.0 Pages Modified in 3.0:

  • Advance Training
  • Build Guide
  • Choose a Kit
  • Class Planner
  • Contact Tracker
  • Customer Tracker
  • Drawing Entry
  • Expand Your Contacts
  • MCM Class Handout
  • MCM Class Script
  • Plan for Success
  • Placement Guide
  • Share Guide
  • Success Challenge Overview