Frequently Asked Questions


Using the Oils

  1. What exactly are essential oils?
    Essential oils are natural extracts from the seeds, stems, roots, flowers, bark and other parts of plants that are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.
  2. How are the essential oils used and what for?
    They have been used for many different reasons historically, in a variety of wellness applications. The Egyptians used essential oils extensively to support their health, beauty treatment and food preparation. The Greeks also used essential oils for therapeutic massage and aromatherapy, while the Romans used them to promote health and personal hygiene. We are currently using them from A-Z in personal choices for enhancing and maintaining health and for supporting a wellness lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.
  3. How do I know what essential oils I need?
    There are many resources to learn about the different uses of individual essential oils, including online forums, others’ experiences, and guides. Each oil can support multiple health objectives, so we encourage you to just get them in you, on you or around you!
  4. What are all the different ways I can apply and use essential oils?
    Our essential oils can be applied or used in 3 different ways:
    1.Topically (on or near the affected location),
    2. Aromatically (diffused or by inhaling the scents), and
    3. Internally (drops in the mouth, in drinking water or capsules).
  5. How often should I use essential oils?
    It varies depending on the situation. Only one or two applications may be sufficient to support you in reaching your goal. You may consider multiple applications each day. There are many people and resources available to help guide you in your use of the oils.
  6. Should I dilute essential oils? If so, how?
    Diluting is not usually necessary, except in the case of “hot” oils, such as Oregano, Cinnamon, protective blend, Cassia, etc. In that case, we recommend applying them to the bottom of the feet or diluting them with a carrier oil such as as olive oil or fractionated coconut oil. For children, it may be a good idea to dilute the oils generally.
  7. How do I care for the oils?
    Good rules of thumb are to keep them stored in a cool, dark place and to keep the caps on when not in use.
  8. Can I put several oils on at once?
    Yes. When applying several oils, it’s best to layer them one at a time rather than combining them.
  9. What is the best way to take oils internally?
    With most therapeutic grade essential oils, you can simply place a drop in your mouth, either directly or with your finger or in a drink. For “hot” oils, or if you don’t like the taste, you can put a few drops in a capsule and take it like a vitamin.
  10. How do you know what is the best way to apply an oil, or is there one application the works for all oils?
    There is not one single application that is best for every oil, as each oil and blend has its own recommended uses. Through experience and by tapping into the many educational resources, you can find the best practices for applying each oil in different situations.
  11. What should I expect when using essential oils?
    Again, it depends on the situation. Essential oils are an important part of a wellness lifestyle. Sometimes a difference is felt immediately, while other issues take more time for any effects to be felt. At a minimum, you can trust that applying our essential oils and other supplements, you are supporting your overall health and wellness objectives.
  12. How do I know when an oil is for the emotional side or the physical side?
    Studies have shown significant connections between our emotional and physical health. Each oil, therefore, can help with both emotional and physical concerns. Consult the wealth of educational resources to discover the many emotional and physical application for essential oils.
  13. What is the difference between single oils and blends?
    A single oil is just that: one 100% therapeutic grade essential oil, such as Lavender, Peppermint or Lemon. Oil blends are careful mixtures of multiple 100% pure essential oils, blended to maximize the benefits of the oils. For example, Serenity Blend is a mixture of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood.
  14. There are other ingredients in our products – ie: massage blend. Where can you find info on ALL product contents (not just the oils included in the product)?
    Go to the company’s tool website, which has descriptions about every oil and oil blend as well as spa, skin care, wellness products and more.
  15. What does LRP mean and how does it benefit me?
    “LRP” stands for Loyalty Rewards Program. It is the way to get the best value for your money. With your wholesale account, you already received 25% off any oil or supplement purchase. When you place a qualifying LRP order each month, receive between 10-30% of your purchase back in LRP Points to redeem for additional products!

Essential Oil Safety

  1. How safe are essential oils?
    The company’s oils are very safe to use in moderation. However, do not put them in your eyes, nose or ears. If you do accidentally get oils in any of those areas, irritation can be reduced by applying fractionated coconut oil or olive oil to the affected areas.
  2. Should I talk to my doctor about using essential oils?
    It is recommended that you speak with your doctor about any questions related to your health. However, most essential oils are safe to use for most people.
  3. Should I take any safety precautions when using essential oils?
    As essential oils are very potent, it is recommended to use moderate amounts in each application. Avoid getting oils in your eyes, nose or ears. And maintain the oils’ efficacy by keeping them stored in cool, dry places.
  4. Will the oils interfere with my prescription medicine?
    Essential oils are designed to support the body’s overall health. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor when combining the use of essential oils with prescription medicine.
  5. Are essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?
    As stated before, essential oils are desinged to support the body’s overall health, and many pregnant women have successfully used essential oils during pregnancy. Some oils should not be used during pregnancy, or only during certain stages. For example, Clary Sage should not be used until a pregnant woman is ready to deliver. Consult your doctor with any questions.
  6. If the oils really are so safe then why do some bottles not say ‘for dietary use’ in addition to topical and aromatic uses like some of their other bottles do? If they are perfectly pure and safe why wouldn’t all of their bottles indicate you could take them internally?
  7. Can anyone do the aroma therapy Technique? And can you mess it up or hurt someone?
    Yes, you can absolutely learn to do the aroma therapy Technique (ATT) for your family or friends by watching the video that comes with the kit; however, we strongly recommend that you become ATT certified to master the correct application and technique. There are over 25 years of experience and studies reflected in the ATT, so it is recommended that you follow the steps and principle outlined in the certification to maximize the benefits.
  8. Are the oils safe and effective to use for house cleaning?
    Yes, pure essential oils are very effective for cleaning the home. For example, protective blend and lemon are great cleansers.

Essential Oil Science

  1. Is there any real science behind essential oils?
    Yes, there has been extensive research done with essential oils. A great resource is http://aromaticscience.com.
  2. Are there different grades of essential oils? What is the company difference?
    Yes, there are many grades of essential oils. Our essential oils are 100% Therapeutic Grade, which is even more stringent a classification than organic. No other brand of essential oils requires such rigorous testing and quality standards as us.
    Synthetic: perfumes, candles, etc.
    GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe): food flavorings
    Therapeutic Grade – the most common in the essential oil industry but lacking clear quality standards.
  3. How potent are the essential oils?
    100% essential oils are very potent – approximately 50-70 times more potent than herbs. For example, one drop of Peppermint oil is equivalent to more than 24 cups of peppermint tea.
  4. What is the source of the essential oils?
    Our essential oils are sourced from plants grown in their indigenous habitats, which makes them stronger and more pure. The plants are then skilfully distilled into 100% essential oils so as to provide the greatest benefit. Potency is better because of habitat, purity comes from the rigorous testing from 3rd party laboratories.



  1. Do I have to talk to my friends and family?
    No, it is not necessary to speak with friends and family about the essential oils or business opportunity, as there are multiple ways to build a business. Remember, however, that this is a trust-based business, and people who are already close to you can bridge the trust gap more quickly. Also, recognize that if you do not speak with your friends and family members about, someone else will. Who would you rather have helping them – someone else, or you?
  2. What do I say about MLM questions?
    Here you want to emphasize the positive aspects of the business opportunity. Unlike much of the industry, we believe in and practice Authentic Network Marketing. This provides true & lasting residual income, unlimited reach & earning power, wonderful relationships, and incredible time freedom. The company teaches us that we can use our gifts – and the “gifts of the earth” – to serve and bless the world. p. 118; p. 2 in Build Guide. Also go to https://mydopro.com/videos/continuing-education/ for a great video called “Pipeline” about the power of residual income.
  3. Do I have to host parties?
    There are multiple methods for building an oil business, including booths, one-on-ones, and online marketing. We have found classes (or parties) to be a best practice for building an oil business. So whether you host the class yourself, or someone else hosts it for you, we highly recommend classes held in homes for building your business. See pages 61-88 for more information on holding successful classes.
  4. How do you invite someone to a class?
    You can take a formal or casual approach to inviting people to a class. Do what feels best for each person you want to invite. Most importantly, be yourself and seek first and foremost to serve. See pages 59-64 for scripts and flyers for inviting to a class. Also go to sharesuccess.com/invite for great training videos on inviting.
  5. How do you introduce someone to Essential Oils in a conversation?
    There are many ways to introduce essential oils into a conversation. Showing interest in others opens doors for them to be interested in you and what you do. Listening to them may also reveal clues to ways that essential oils can help them. When approproate, telling your story will often pique people’s interest. Remember the adage, “Facts tell, Stories sell.” See pages 57-58.
  6. How do you qualify someone?
    In connecting people with the company, it’s important to know their knowledge of, experiences with, and ideas toward essential oils generally, and the company specifically. Simply ask them what they know, how they know it, and whether they have experienced oils before. See page 60 for a sample script.
  7. How do I do this business if I'm shy?
    Success is built upon personal development and simple acts of service. You don’t have to be the life of the party or the person on center stage to reach your goals. Focus on serving others with natural solutions and success will follow. Go to https://mydopro.com/videos/inspirational/ for a great video entitled “Service Equals Sales.”
    To experience success, you simply need to be who you are. Who you are and where you are is the perfect place to start. Then, as you follow proven paths to success, you and your business will grow together. Go to https://mydopro.com/videos/inspirational/ for a great video entitled “Be Who You Are.”
  8. How do I introduce/share about Essential Oils to friends that live far away?
    A great strategy for sharing at a distance is to send oil samples. You will first want to contact your friend to guage their interest and see what oils they could benefit from right now. Then send the samples and follow up! See videos at sharesuccess.com/invite for ideas about sharing oil samples and following up.
  9. How do I share oils most effectively?
    Success is built upon personal development and simple acts of service. Focus on serving others with the natural solutions and success will follow. Go to https://mydopro.com/videos/inspirational/ for a great video entitled “Service Equals Sales.” Also watch “How to Share Effectively” at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the “Share” tab.
  10. How can I prepare great oil samples?
    Video: “How to Make Oil Samples” under that “Share” tab at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/
  11. How can I successfully close a class?
    If during the class you (1) connect with your audience and (2) keep it clear and simple, you will be in good position to (3) ask effective questions that help them make decisions. Be bold, clear, positive, courageous and willing to ask people to exchange value for value. Like a server in a restaurant, you serve others when you ask for their order. See page 90 for more closing tips.
  12. How can I explain the different kit options?
    There are tools to help others get a visual of what each of the different kits contain, making them easier to explain. Remember, though, that questions are one of the best ways to determine what information is relevant to someone. By understanding their needs and their goal, you can better guide them to the options that will serve them best.
    See pages 93-94 for explanations and photos of the different kits.
  13. How can I explain the difference between a wholesale account and just buying retail?
    Purchasing products through a wholesale account offers a 25% discount and offers additional loyalty (LRP) benefits. Retail purchases are full price and do not come with the benefits for regular ordering. See the Live Guide for the benefits of a wholesale account and placing monthy LRP orders.
  14. How do I do a Wellness Consult?
    The intention of a Wellness Consult is simply to help someone understand how to use their natural solutions to reach their wellness goals. We typically look at how to support preparing, preventing and restoring health.
    p. 107-108; 87 (Wellness Wishlist). Also see the videos at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the Build tab.


  1. Can I make money here?
    Yes! p. 118-119 (Build Guide)
  2. How do I make money?
    There are three ways to make money in the compensation plan: 1) Retail sales; 2) Fast Start bonuses from new enrollments; and 3) Monthly unilevel earnings and bonuses.
    See the Build Guide.
  3. How fast can I make money?
    Almost immediately. The great thing about this company is that it’s an equal opportunity business. As you help others begin using their products, you can earn money within days of their enrollment. You don’t need a degree or special qualification. As long as you work hard and follow a proven path, then you can create the success that you desire.
    Refer to the Build Guide to begin the process and get started on the path.
  4. Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
    No. Some companies in this industry set limits to what a distributor can earn – this company does not. As long as you work hard and follow a proven path, you can create the success that you desire. See pages 161-163 for an idea of earnings at each rank.
  5. What is a reasonable goal to set for myself?
    It depends on what you want to create. Whether you want to simply get your oils paid for each month, supplement your income or replace & multiply your income, there is a path you can follow. You get to decide how fast you want to go.
    See the Build Guide to see which option is best for you.
  6. What is the average income for reach rank?
    See pages 162-163 and 178-179 for some actual income ranges for each rank.
    p. 162-163; 178-179
  7. How many hours per week will I have to work?
    It varies for each person, but as a general rule the more hours you work, the sooner you will begin to see results. Set a reasonable expectation for yourself, and be sure to follow proven success principles to help you reach your goals.
    See pages 13-16 for a list of success habits to incorporate.
  8. What exactly do I do?
    Success is not a destination, it’s a habit. Incorporate the Success Habits into your life and your business, which include daily, weekly, monthly and annual to-do’s that will help accelerate your success. See pages 13-16 for a list of success habits to incorporate.
  9. I've heard Diamond Club is a fast track. What is it?
    Diamond Club is a great opportunity to build your team and your leaders, both locally and in other areas, with upline support for travel expenses. It usually lasts four months and carries enrollment requirements to keep going from month to month. It certainly takes a lot of planning and sacrifice, but the rewards can be incredible. For more information go to the official Diamond Club site (google it).
  10. Which tools do I buy first?
    The most important tools are the oils themselves. Sample oil bottles and cap stickers are also valuable tools to help you share the oils with others.
  11. How many oils do I need to have right away?
    The more oils you have, the more empowered you can be to serve others and help them with their concerns. So just start with what you can & share them with love, and build your personal stash as you go.
  12. How do I sign someone up?
    The best way to enroll someone is through your back office.
    There are many videos on enrolling at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the “Build” tab.
  13. Once somebody signs up, then what?
    The best thing you can do to help your new enrollee is to get them using the oils effectively as soon as possible. When they enroll, schedule and carry out a Wellness Consult as soon as possible. And when they get their oils, encourage them to open all the caps so they are ready for use.
    See the Share Guide for more information.
  14. How do I know if I can really be successful at this business?
    Leaders are grown. Most Diamonds did not have any prior network marketing experience. If you believe you can succeed and follow the proven paths to success, you can reach your goals in this business.
    See pages 12 & 164-164 for more on how to Build Your Belief.
  15. My friend is going to host a class for me. Who gets the credit? Who gets the people?
    A great rule of thumb is that the person who is going to support the new enrollees is the person who should get the credit – and thus the responsibility – for the new recruits. Having a clear and honest conversation with the host/hostess to understand their goals and set expectations goes a long way toward having a successful class, both during and after.
    p. 99-100
  16. When is it beneficial for a business to sign up as a Preferred Member?
  17. Can I surpass my sponsor?
    Yes! Your success is based on your own dedicated efforts, and you can build your business to achieve your goals, no matter how big and no matter what your upline has achieved.
    Consider taking the Success Challenge to jump start your business: https://challenge.sharesuccess.com
  18. Can I set up an auto payment of my commissions and avoid the check fee?
    Yes, you can do this through your back office or by calling support at 800-411-8151.
  19. What is compression and what are its effects?
    One way compression happens is when distributors drops off of the records and that person’s organization shifts upward. For example, if someone on your front line who has 3 people on his/her front line drops off your organizational chart, those three people will move up to your front line, and everyone under them will likewise shift upward. Your volume is then calculated based on the new structure of your organization. Many network marketing companies do not allow this upward shift, instead relying on “fallout” as a source of corporate revenue. The company truly wants its distributors to succeed financially! Learn more about the compensation plan on p. 139.
  20. How do I get my LRP paid for?
    Once you have around 10+ people in your organization who are ordering monthly, you could be earning enough to pay for your oils each month. The monthly volume plus the Power of 3 Bonus can help you reach the goal of getting your oils paid for. Power of 3, p. 131-132
  21. How can I share the business opportunity?
    A natural way to share the business opportunity is to help people fall in love with the oils. Once they do, they will want to share them with everyone! Also, getting someone to a class is a great way to give them an experience with the oils and introduce the business opportunity in one sitting. See pages 53-60 for more ideas about sharing. There are also great videos resources at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the Share tab.
  22. How can I share the Live Guide?
    A great way to share the Live Guide is together with a Wellness Consult. If a Wellness Consult cannot be scheduled, then get the pamphlet into the new enrollee’s hands so they can benefit from the powerful infomation it contains. p. 107-108; 87 (Wellness Wishlist). Also see the videos at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the Build tab.
  23. How can I explain what a business actually looks like?
    What does doing a business actually look like? Go to https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the “Share” tab for hugely helpful videos like “A Day in the Life of a Builder” and “Time Allocation Tips,” among others.
  24. What are some of the most effective tools I can use to support success?
    The oils are always the most effective tools. One great idea is to create a sample CD case and carry it with you for when sharing experiences come. You may also want some supplemental materials that explain the oils and show how to use them. Ask around for more tool ideas and incorporate the ones that fit you best. p. 54
  25. How do I create loyal customers?
    Encourage your customers to use the oils with love and enthusiasm; serve them with care and education; and support them with regular contact through emails, phone calls or other means. Look for a great video on Creating Loyal Customers at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the “Build” tab.
  26. I just want to make money and I like the olis. Will this work?
    This is a good start to your business and can help you reach certain levels of success. The leaders who experience the greatest and most lasting success, however, are those who connect deeply with their Why (p. 31-38, 16-171), climb the Belief Pyramid (p. 164-165) and simply LOVE what they do.
  27. I work so hard and the paychecks don't seem to compensate for the number of hours I put in. Am I doing something wrong?
    It takes time to build a great business, and sometimes it can feel like your work is going unrewarded financially. This is a great learning moment and where an effective mentor can help you see where you truly are in the path and evaluate your business activities to ensure you’re on the right track. Keep learning, growing and working, and you can experience the amazing success and satisfaction that others enjoy. See the Invest for Success section on pages 188-189.
  28. Is there a way to transfer out of your upline leader's team and into another if there is a personality conflict?
    The company philosophy is to grow where you are planted. No matter where you are at or what team you are on, as long as you apply the same principles of success, you can create the success you want. Your success is independent of your leadership. Believe that you are where you are supposed to be and you can more easily learn the lessons and find the opportunities that will help you reach your goals.
  29. What do you do when your upline disconnects?
    There are many wonderful leaders and resources that can help you. Look further up the line for other leaders who could help you and plug into the system. Remember, your success is not dependent on upline support. YOU hold the keys to your success!
    See pages 176-185 to see just how much influence you have over your own success.
  30. How can I get my questions answered without constantly bugging my upline?
    For questions on the oils, there are many physical and online resources that you can tap into, including ShareSuccess.com and MyDoPro.com. For business questions, this guide, and the websites already listed are great resources that are always available.

  1. Once somebody signs up, then what?
    The best thing you can do to help your new enrollee is to get them using the oils effectively as soon as possible. When they enroll, schedule and carry out a Wellness Consult as soon as possible. And when they get their oils, encourage them to open all the caps so they are ready for use. See the Share Guide for more information.
  2. How do I find leaders?
    Leaders are grown. Most Diamonds have never had previous network marketing experience. They are simply growing because of their love of the product and their desire to share it more effectively. However, there are certain qualities and traits that support success. People with large networks, or who have had success in other aspects of life, or who have a penchant for taking action already possess some of what is needed to become a great leader. See how many leadership qualities you already possess on pages 180-183. You can also use this as a guide regarding what to look for in prospective leaders.
  3. I have a leader with a bunch of people under them who is not acting like a leader. What do I do?
    This can be a tricky situation, but thankfully there is a lot you can do. Remember that most leaders are not born, they are grown. You can mentor, nuruture and serve the potential leader in hopes that they catch the vision and stand fully in their place. In the meantime, consider working with the people under the leader-in-embryo by making yourself available help them grow. Success creates interest, and seeing it work first hand may be all your future leader needs to fully engage in their business. See how many leadership qualities you already possess on pages 180-183. You can also use this as a guide regarding what to look for in prospective leaders.
  4. How do I better understand those I am working with and better nurture them where thy're at so they can grow?
    To better understand and serve your team members, (1) get to know them and (2) lead by example. Spend time together, ask questions, be interested in who they are and what is important to them. And when you are leading the way in building your organization, you will better understand what your team members are going through and you will know how to help them reach the next level in their business. For more on mentoring & nurturing your team, see pages 143-158.
  5. How can I be a better mentor?
    Effective mentors are powerful listeners who ask questions to draw out the best in others. They help others see their strengths and connect with their purpose. Three keys to effective mentoring are: (1) Focus on strengths; (2) Help them build with authenticity; and (3) Find the right outcomes, not just the right steps. Additionally, seeking effective mentoring for yourself can help you become your best, too – for yourself and others. p. 146,149-152 (143-152). Also see the Mentoring videos at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the “Lead” tab.
  6. How do I identify and place leaders?
    Go to https://mydopro.com/learn/training/ under the “Lead” tab for videos on “How to Identify and Place Leaders” and “How to Structure Your Team.”
  7. How can I best set myself up for success to reach my rank advancement goals?
    To set yourself up for rank advancement, you first must know how it works. Learn the compensation plan and what is required to reach each level. Then create and follow a strategic plan for building the structure of your organization will set the foundation for ranking up. Strategize section, p. 127-142. Also videos under the “Lead” tab at https://mydopro.com/learn/training/.
  8. How can I maximize my ability to succeed?
    There are three keys to success: (1) Personal development, including building your belief levels and growing in leadership; (2) Implement a strategy to maximize your bonus and rank advancement opportunities; and (3) Do the right kinds of activities consistently and persistently. Advance Section, p. 159-190; Success Challenge, etc., p. 10-22
  9. How can I partner with more rock stars?
    oTERRA is a unique company where cross-line and upline cooperation is very encouraged and can be quite successful. Put yourself in places where you can connect with successful leaders and make yourself the kind of person/leader with whom they would want to partner. You can hold classes or trainings together to support both your teams by providing atmosphere, education and inspiration to help them create success. See the Nurture Section on pages 153-158 for team strengthening ideas. For more on becoming a great leader and what to look for in potential partners, see the whole Advance section (p. 159-190), but especially pages 176-183.
  10. How can I use strategy to create success?
    There are two main parts to strategy: (1) Placing people in your organization and supporting legs that help you accomplish your rank and income goals, and (2) placing and nurturing people where they can best grow and flourish. Use resources and guides on 127-142 to help you on your way.
    Strategize section, p. 127-142
  11. How can I use strategy in a loving way that strengthens my team?
    If your focus is to serve and empower others, your decisions and efforts will be a manifestation of love and your team will feel that. Direct your strategic efforts towards mentoring, nurturing and helping others achieve their goals and dreams, and you will strengthen each other and the entire team. Strategize section, p. 127-142


  1. What is the average income for each rank?
    See pages 162-163 and 178-179 for some actual income ranges for each rank.
    p. 162-163; 178-179
  2. What is the secret of top income earners in the company?
    To learn the stories of some top builders, see testimonials in published literature, at ShareSuccess.com and in the Build Guide.
  3. I've heard Diamond Club is a fast track. What is it?
    Diamond Club is a great opportunity to build your team and your leaders, both locally and in other areas, with upline support for travel expenses. It usually lasts four months and carries enrollment requirements to keep going from month to month. It certainly takes a lot of planning and sacrifice, but the rewards can be incredible. For more information go to the official Diamond Club site.
  4. Do I need to set up a business entity? If so, what kind?
    You will want to consult with a tax professional to determine the best business entity for you and the best timing to create it. General rules of thumb are to set up an LLC when you are making over $10,000 per year.
  5. Does the company work with international markets?
    Yes! It is already in many international markets and is continually expanding into additional countries.
    p. 190; Online resource?
  6. What's the best thing I can do to be most effective & successful in the shortest amount of time?
    The best thing you can do to create success is to become the kind of person/leader that attracts and develops other leaders. However, in the short term, the more people that you effectively share the oils and the opportunity with, the more immediate success you will have. There are many ways to do this, including classes, booths, and simply observing for opportunities around you to share and inspire.
  7. Your Why is an both a precursor to and an extension of your goals and dreams. It is the reason you do what you do. Consider what you love, what you want most in and for your life. Dream big and connect witih those dreams on deep emotional levels. Then connect those dreams with their business goals that will help those dreams become reality. You can then dive deeper to discover what inspires and motivates you to succeed. Let pages 31-38 guide you through this amazing journey of discovery!
    p. 164-165; 38 (31-38)
  8. How do I balance business with my family/personal life?
    Put your family first, drench yourself in gratitude for them, and remember that you can be a great CEO of your business AND a great spouse & parent. See pages 186-187 for inspiration and guidance on achieving these goals.
    p. 186-187
  9. Can I surpass my sponsor?
    Yes! Your success is based on your own dedicated efforts, and you can build your business to achieve your goals, no matter how big and no matter what your upline has achieved.
    Consider taking the Success Challenge to jump start your business: challenge.sharesuccess.com
  10. How do I better connect with my target market?
    First, you have to know who your target market is – who they are, how they think and what is important to them. Then you can strategize ways to connect with them on multiple meaningful levels and become a valuable resource for them. See pages 173-175 for worksheets and ideas.
    p. 173-175
  11. How can I maximize my ability to succeed?
    Your success will be commensurate with your own efforts in building the business, but more importantly, in building yourself. A common saying suggests that success comes from working harder on yourself than you do on your business. As you grow into a true leader, your business will grow to match who you become.
    Advance Section, p. 159-190; Success Challenge, etc., p. 10-22
  12. How can I support my dreams coming true here?
    Find your Why, Choose Abundance, Implement the Success Habits, Live Your Priorities, and Never, Ever Give Up!
    P. 31-38; Advance Section, p. 159-190; also see the Build Guide
  13. How can I be the CEO of my organization?
    To become an effective “CEO” of your organization, you must (1) understand your role, (2) implement the four keys to success, and (3) overcome the three common pitfalls of CEOs. p. 184-185; the entire Advance Section to learn how to improve in each area.

Success Challenges

  1. What are Success Challenges?
    Success Challenges provide a step-by-step guide to growing a team. From living the wellness lifestyle to achieving the highest ranks, Success Challenges provide the training and actions in a checklist format to support your progress. Points are received for completing each portion of the training, but bonus points are given based on putting the principles into action. Points are tallied each Monday night at midnight MDT to help you track your progress.
  2. How long does each Success Challenge last?
    Each of the new challenges contains 4 weeks of training, plus “Strength Training” until you achieve that rank. For example, if you are in the Share to Elite challenge, you would complete the 4 weeks of training, and then continue reporting your success habits and more in-depth training until you achieve Elite, then you can move on to the Build to Premier challenge!
    The 90-Day Success Challenge is 13 weeks long.
    Start: The first monday of each month.
  3. Are there multiple Success Challenges?
    Yes! A new set of rank challenges start on the first Monday of each month.
  4. What if I am in one challenge and want to join a new challenge?
    You’re welcome to join one of the new challenges. If you’re just getting the hang of it and would like to start over, you can join a new challenge. If you have team members joining a new challenge, it is useful to join the new challenge so you can see your team’s forms. If you join a new challenge, your points will not be transferred – you would need to complete the forms again in the new challenge.
  5. Who can participate in the Success Challenge?
    Anyone on any team can participate in the Success Challenges! Distributors on the Goddard’s team have the added benefit of being able to track their team member’s progress through the Challenges.
  6. What is required to do the challenge?
    1. Internet access and an up-to-date browser
    2. An account at http://challenge.sharesuccess.com
    3. Other tools will be required to get full points (Modern Essentials, sample vials, Class Handouts, etc.)
  7. What browser is recommended for this challenge?
    The most current version of any of the following browsers will work: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
  8. I'm trying to register for the challenge, but it says my IPC ID, Sponsor ID, or Enroller ID doesn’t match.
    This can mean that you are either not in the system yet or that either your Sponsor ID or Enroller ID has changed. You can contact support by going to the Contact Us page and filling out the form. Please make sure you send you name, ipc id, sponsor id, enroller id and current rank so support can add you to the system.
  9. Why should I do this training/challenge?
    This training gives you step-by-step instructions on what comes next. It teaches you what you need to know, have, do, be in order to experience growth in your business. This program was a collaborative effort of some of the most successful leaders and gives others the opportunity to navigate the road to success.
    For those who choose to use this training to grow their business and help their team members to do the same, they experience amazing growth. For many, it is the equivalent or close to the growth of those who participate in Diamond Club. The benefit of this program is that anyone can go through it!
  10. What is the benefit to doing the training/challenge?
    There are primarily two benefits of doing the training. The first is that you become empowered in knowing how to grow your business and how to teach others to do the same. The second is the growth of your business.
  11. Do I need to listen to the weekly calls?
    We recommend you listen to the weekly calls. One of them will be to inform you of any housekeeping items for the week as well as what you will be learning in the upcoming week. Some leaders may also have an additional weekly call to answer FAQ’s that come up during the week or in your business. They are both a great resource for you to plug into.
  12. What supplies do I need for this challenge?
    A complete list of recommended resources can be found here: http://www.sharesuccess.com/resources
  13. Do I have to have the Lead Guide?
    You do not have to have the Lead Guide. However, it is strongly recommended that you do. It is the workbook that will provide you with some necessary tools in tracking your team, leaders, and prospects. It will also be a guide for you to refer to outside of the training.
  14. Can I print the Lead Guide eBook?
    No, the eBook will not let you print the pages, but all the pages are available as downloads at http://www.sharesuccess.com/library.