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Take inventory at the beginning of each new month by asking yourself the following questions:

Last Month-
What wins and victories (success) did I have?
What was 1 key lesson I learned?
Where did I get distracted?

This Month-
What do I want to feel more of?
What activities or actions will help me create and activate that?
What professional goal do I want to accomplish?
What personal goal do I want to accomplish?

-Caller Concern: I’m working with a person and then they choose another company to work with.

-Coaches Advice: Realize that not everyone is our assignment. Don’t take it personally.
Use your skill set. Ask more questions so people can hear themselves talk through their own health concerns. They like to have control over solving them. Suggested questions: Where are you most out of balance? What is your number one health concern? How long has that been an issue? Are you open to natural solutions to address these challenges? Self care is our top priority as Wellness Advocates. Use the products regularly to ensure your energy will be bright with vibrancy and vitality.

-Book Suggestion-

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

-Caller Concern: How do I become less distracted, more grounded, and more present?

-Coaches Advice: This is a productivity topic. Ask yourself “What RPA (revenue producing activity) is producing desired results?” Set up 2 Power Productivity Actions per day. Plan blocks of time consisting of 60-90 minutes each for undistracted focused attention on productivity. This could be connecting through calls, emails, notes. Blogging time, planning time, practicing presentation time, etc. Turn off notifications on phone and computer for uninterrupted concentration. Set powerful intentions so that things that are most important get done first.

-Book Suggestions-

The Power of Habits by Adam L Wise

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

-Caller Concern: If I grow my business, I may not have time for my other priorities. I’m apprehensive about growth and responsibilities that come with leadership.

-Coaches Advice: Take things one step at a time. Ask yourself “What would it feel like if I let go of the fear of my business growing?” Also, Let go of the “what-if” thinking. Consider this quote: “Stop having conversations in your mind that haven’t happened yet.” What-if’s tap into our energy. Trust yourself and own your decisions. Decide to take action. There is no right or wrong. You choose what actions will bring you the desired outcome you want. Don’t allow fear of the future to sidetrack you. Things have a way of falling into place. We can envision a great flourishing garden, but if not tended to, it won’t grow.

Caller Concern: I’m having trouble connecting in relationships because 80% of the time I talk about business. I don’t want to damage my friendships.

-Coaches Advice: People sprint or saunter into the business. We have a burning anxiousness to make it happen now. Analogy: On a first date, we don’t talk about marriage and how many kids we want. It’s too fast, too soon. When we share the oils, others will become converted users. We won’t need to convince them. Converted users tend to stay on LRP. When we share organically and naturally, we can follow up with questions like “what are you using the most?” and “what are you not using?” Then share suggestions for use. Just be you. Show up, care, love, ask, add value, invite, and serve.

Also, take the time to celebrate where we’re at now. We need more self-love. A shared quote from the book Motivation Manifesto: “We are all meant to be wild and independent and free, our hearts filled with a ferocious passion for life.”

-Book Suggestion-

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard