Success Challenge

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m so super stoked about this! I set my intention to just FINISH it but also strive for top 10. Was NOT expecting #1 but all I did was show up and *work the system* that’s there. It works! Each and every step along the way. (Actually I didn’t think I’d get much out of it at first at all LOL, but it proceeded to blow me away with the tips and strategies it offers. And it’s easy!) I think my volume and my team have both doubled, my retention rate went up 10%, and my personal users and builders are all happier and getting more from their oils because of the strategies I use now. I’m a die-hard for it. Can you tell? – Tara Wagner

“I love how being a part of the Success Challenge gets me off my (scared) butt and DOING things! I’ve reached out to two specific demographics that I’ve been wanting to network with and yet have been too cowardly to do anything about it. Both demographics are talking with me now about presenting classes for dogs – yay! Thank you Success Challenge Co-Horts!” – Peggy Mundell, LMT

“I am amazed at how the use and live sections helped my belief to grow during August, and then produced results. It’s almost like I opened my arms and gifts began to pore in, which is funny to say because it simply allows me to more effectively give to others… Thank you for this amazing tool. I feel like I was paddling along before and now I’m in a motor boat ūüôā Celebrating the resistance, knowing that I’m changing.” – Claire Saldana

“I’m really excited about the Share Success Challenge. After building the business over the past year, and reaching most of my goals I’ve become stuck. I am currently helping my team builders set goals, we’re holding weekly training meetings etc. I personally needed this challenge to helped me “reset my goals” and get back to doing what I enjoy most, teaching classes and sharing the oils. Thank you for the abundance of information, the coaching calls (thank you for recording them, I cant usually listen to them live)and Webinars. No matter what level a person reaches, there’s always room for growth and improvement. KUDOS Andy & Natalie” – Hayley Bammesberger, Diamond

“I have been in dŇćTERRA since June 2012. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dŇćTERRA for it’s amazing life transformations, physically, emotionally, financially and yes spiritually. I came in with very little leadership and had to find my own way. I did. I found your amazing training. Lead Guide has gave me and my team an amazing edge of learning tools. I can mentor someone next to me or clear across the country in Maryland. Thank you so much for you and the leaders vision on this. Last year I came to your training at convention as a executive. Again amazing. At that time I thought I was part of your team. Still new and not knowing. I am not part of your downline… With that I have followed you for a year. Now there is the success challenge. I would so love to be challenged and succeed at the new Lead Guide. I am so looking forward to coming to your training again this year as a Gold at convention.” – Alisa Bridges, Gold

“Participating in the Success Challenge has been a game-changer for our team. Everyone has become empowered as leaders and the mentoring calls are 10 times more productive. Anyone that wants to have a successful business should utilize this tool.” – Christy Fechser, Gold

“Before the Success Challenge, my email, phone, and text were all bursting at the seams. Our team was growing (which was awesome) but I always felt like there was more training needed. Lots of people still didn’t know exactly what to be working on and were seeking more direction than I felt I could give.¬†There was a lot of need for the basics, so we created a 90-day contest to take our team through the training with the Success Challenge. More than anything, our team came together in such a powerful way because of the value of everyone collaborating and cheering each other on. Our first time through the challenge, our team grew by a third. Now, as we are doing another 90-day Success Challenge, we are continuing to grow and our retention rate is staying strong. It has been like plugging my team into a GPS: they are growing and advancing because they have been given what they need to know, have, do, and be to succeed. Leaders are lighting the fire for their entire team! An amazing community has been created with everyone encouraging each other’s vision, goals, and wins.” – Brianna Coles, Blue Diamond

“The Success Challenge has helped me in so many ways! I went from Manager to Executive. I made $200 instead of my usual $20. I was motivated to hold 12 classes instead of my usual 0. The greatest benefit has come in learning to do the daily tasks. It is now a habit to contact new people everyday, do follow-ups everyday, and connect with leaders everyday. This challenge has helped me to be ‘all in’ and I’m so grateful!” – Taylene Halverson, Company Executive

“The Success Challenge helped me to develop daily habits that have helped me stay focused on my goals and my team. It was the ‘push’ that I needed to take my business to the next level. I was able to progress to two levels and take my little team from 2000 OV to almost 6000 OV! The Success Binder is helpful and an incredible tool, however taking each step one at a time per week, helped to really study them in depth and understand that skill. I am planning on having every one of my new leaders start this program, and I am going to go through it again myself! Thank you!!” – Wendy Bunnell, Silver (started her first challenge as an Executive and ended as a Premier; now doing her second challenge, starting as a Silver)

Success Essentials

I have been studying more on your new Lead Guide, it is fantastic! It is the perfect training tool to direct all of your leaders too! Thank you so much for taking the time to make such a valuable tool and for being willing to share it with everyone! I am really excited about it and my teams are already using it!! We are doing a team call on it this morning and sharing the value and benefits from using it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful talents.” – Nicole Larson, Blue Diamond and USA Founder

“Andy, you and Natalie have outdone yourselves. I just reviewed the Lead Guide: Success Simplified. I feel so grateful to both of you for simplifying my life. I feel as if this will create a quantum leap in my ability to train individuals.” – Roman Barrus, Blue Diamond

“For me, the beauty behind Success Essentials is that its comprehensiveness is empowering to an upline. In past companies, it’s a sinking feeling when one of your people doesn’t know what to do. It really encourages the individual to take ownership in their success. I look at it as a track to run on. I don’t have to run in all the lanes or at the same speed as someone else. Thank you for providing a beautiful track!” – Bill Heriford, Silver

“I had my first chance to use the Share Guide today! I followed step one three times and guess what, I have three people excited about the oils!! One of them already called me to ask when my class was! I’m so excited about the effect this system is already having on my business! I can’t wait until it’s time to follow up with them. This is one aspect of the Success Essentials that I think will help me a lot. I always seemed to get a little confused about when to call whom at what time. I now know that the correct time to follow up is three days AFTER you give the sample. So excited!” – Amanda Wigylus, Santa Clara, CA

Live, Share, & Build Guides

“You’re killing me!!! When are the new brochures going to be off the press ready to purchase? They are absolutely GORGEOUS. I’ve got to get these to my team now!!!!! You guys are absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much. I know how much work was put into this.I can’t even imagine everything you are doing. Thanks for everything!.”¬†– Kristie Olsen, Gold

Lead Guide: Create Worksheets

“I was already in the process of creating a vision board but was stuck. This helped expand my thoughts & goals. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the why worksheet. It made things so much clearer for me.” – Kimberly Marks, Las Vegas, NV

“The Why Worksheet made my why be more meaningful to me and helped me understand why I’m here.” – Sara Fratto, Las Vegas, NV

“Love it. Allowed me to open my mind to possibilities.” – Megan Burnside, Lindon, UT

“So FUN!!! Helped to decide what I really do want.” – Kim Baldwin

“I liked having the vision board worksheet. I had been told to make a vision board before, but I didn’t really understand what I was doing. This made it more clear.” – Jennifer Tolboe, UT

Share Success Live Events

“The frankincense of tools! Thank you! If everyone was able to be trained on WHY this Success System would serve them, my team would have serious duplication and massive growth”¬†– Robin Jones, Diamond

“I feel clear about my purpose as a trainer and I feel I am now completely clear on what tools I have and how to use them for myself and my team. I know through mentoring and being a trainer I will be able to empower people for generations. I’m thankful for the mantle!” – Andrew LaTerra, Platinum

“I need simplicity in my life and in my business.¬†The Success System is simple. It’s not easy, but it’s simple for anyone who will commit. Those I come in contact with – my leaders, my family – need this system. I owe it to them to train them to create success in a simple manner. This is simple!”¬†– David Leale, Gold

“I feel trained and empowered to go and do. Because the Success System is flexible, I can adjust as needed for each person on my team for where they are and where they want to go.”¬†– Justin Miller, Diamond

“It gave me¬†that the time to focus on the Success System and learn it better. I haven’t felt I could teach it well yet. I will be able to teach it now!”¬†– Roxane Bybee, Presidential Diamond

“We needed to find something to fill in the holes for our team and empower them to reach the goals¬†they want to reach by giving them great tools like this. Now our team can have a guide that will help teach them step by step to do the business as whatever level¬†they want. This was extremely useful!”¬†– Julianne Ellis, Diamond

“The Success System fills the holes we have been battling¬†with in a very professional, presentable, and duplicatable manner. It is exactly what we have all been struggling to figure out on our own.”¬†– David Ellis, Diamond

“This Training helped me get a better handle and understanding of the Success System. I have a stronger testimony of the Success System and how and what I can do to use it. ANYTIME we can learn from others in valuable! Golden nuggets of wisdom were given throughout the event. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”¬†– Brooke Magleby, Diamond

“We’ve already been using the Success System and seeing it’s amazing benefits. The Success Trainer Training was awesome!”¬†– PJ Hanks, Diamond

“I feel¬†empowered and joyful in a more positive way than I have throughout my entire oil journey. I am recognizing that I do not have to be overwhelmed and take away from my family. It is my purpose to share this powerful tool to those I love and mentor on my oil team.”¬†– Kari Arnsten, Diamond

“This program/system is a vehicle for¬†personal development at the highest level. With this foundation all things are opened to our good and the good of all those we reach out to. It became clear to me during this session that this Success System is grounded in foundational principles,¬†month which is the belief that every person, regardless of personal blocks and baggage should have the same opportunity for success. The greatest strength in the program is that it is comprehensive, balanced, and fully¬†duplicatable. It can be individualized to the specific needs of each members.”¬†– Janeice Benson, Silver

“This Training clarified different approaches to working with my leaders. Many breakthroughs! I can’t wait to see how this changes my organization!”¬†– Kacie Shober, Blue Diamond

“I am soooo excited to use this system more perfectly and tea my team leaders! This will take such a load off our shoulders to trainer new leaders!”¬†– Cynthia Maguire, Diamond

“I am so grateful. I have certainty in success for¬†each member on my team and anyone in dŇćTERRA that wants to succeed.”¬†– Maria Heuser, Diamond

“The Training gave me back hope. I felt safe and challenged and¬†empowered ¬†I¬†have the tools I need and I know how to use them. This totally puts me in the headspace I need to be in to be a FANTASTIC upline leader to my team. Thank you!”¬†– Christina LaTerra, Platinum

“I’m excited to get out and train my team! Thank you for the tools and training.”¬†– Carrie Kirk, Silver

“This is what I have been looking for so I know how to move forward. I now have all I need to be a strong leader.”¬†– Amanda Winters, Gold

“I learned so much about leading, training, and mentoring!”¬†– Rachel von Niederhausern, Premier

“I feel I have a tool to send my leaders to help them feel more empowered in building a sustainable and successful business. I will be a better mentor because of this training and will be able to set focus and boundaries with my team. LOVED the training!”¬†– Lisa Barge, Premier

“My team is ready¬†for the Success tools. It’s my responsibility to provide them with the training on how to use these tools. With a little more practice I can feel more prepared to lead. We are in a high enrolling phase and we can now handle it and really cause momentum with the right tools (these tools). The more familiar we are with it, the more powerfully it works.”¬†– Emily Shawcroft, Gold

“I’m thrilled to duplicate a system people can find GREAT value in. If I can implement even just a few of these principles, growth will definitely come¬†to my team.”¬†– Jourdan Boynton, Premier

“I feel empowered to go back and teach. I am enough. It does not have to be¬†perfect. I¬†belong here. I am good enough. I can do this training. I can help others to grow. I CAN mentor!”¬†– Lynn Navares, Premier

“I broke through so many blocks and¬†learned how to be a true leader and believe I can do this. This is huge in helping my team explode.”¬†– Kelsey Eastman, Premier

“Speechless! Amazing! Full of gratitude!” – Liz Wilder, Diamond